“My competition are all doing social media marketing. I initially took a punt for 6 months with Gather Social. They have held my hand all the way through the process, and have been very patient with me. They have guided me through content types and how they perform. Due to results I have increased my budget for social media marketing continuously across the last 18 months.”

Chris Bonnington. Managing Director

Date: November 2, 2016
Location: Derby
Client: Trade Conservatory Roofs (TCR) Derby Limited
Category: Business to Consumer


Manufacture bespoke conservatory roofs for the trade and public. Building and installation of conservatory roofs, conservatories, and contemporary extensions.


Chris Managing director of TCR was a passionate user of social media himself. He was acutely aware that his competition was heavily promoting themselves on social media. He wanted to grow his brand presence in line with his ambitious growth plans for the business.


After the performance of a content audit, over 200 marketing posts were produced from photographs supplied by TCR. These were built into a content archive and distributed across, Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin. They were combined with relevant industry content, and a direct Twitter campaign to drive tra c to the website.


Social Media is excellent for direct marketing to consumers and works incredibly well for high-value items such as the excellent conservatory roofs TCR provide. Our approach to Social Media is the same approach as the approach to other marketing, it is there to add value to your business and should be leveraged to add to your bottom line. We believe there are many people doing Social Media marketing wrong trying to ‘be social on social’, this might work for some very unique organisations or retailers relying on a consumer picking your commoditised product o the shelf in a supermarket, but for the vast majority this is the wrong approach.

To put this into context imagine a print advertisement in a industry magazine, I’m pretty sure you would not pay to put in a picture of a cute cat or an article about your local football team on it. Seems obvious but we see people doing just that on Social Media everyday. Although the picture might amuse people it will almost certainly not lead to a sale.

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