Social Media Success for Construction Companies

When we think about the construction industry here at Gather Social we are thinking about buildings. Whether you're selling products or services, you have readily available content of both. To be successful on social media, stop managing your content weekly. Perform a content audit, this might be as simple as going through your phone or going through old image files on a computer. 

When you have a set of images, think about the next season upon us. Choose content which will best relate to that season, the services and the products you offer. After writing some text, use a bulk scheduling tool like the Gather Platform to schedule this content for months to come, freeing up the time to audit and produce more content. 

Repeating this over 12 months will provide you with a content archive that you can switch on and off during each season. Reviewing this content performance and only using the top-performing content will mean your results will get better year on year. Use your creative time in the 2nd phase of the strategy to produce content which is similar to your previous top-performing content. 

Content is supercritical in this space. Your paid advertising strategy will be thirsty for content. Your strategy must take into consideration your usual customer buying journey. This must be reflected in your content to make sure customers are effectively being engaged by specific content. Some customers will consume video first, and others engage with an image. Your advertising strategy needs to focus on generating a target audience compiled of lots of different engagement outcomes. 

Building a brand is essential in the construction industry, and is achievable by any business using social media. You could be a local architect or a nationwide builders merchant, and you could deploy the same tactics to the same ends, the only difference being your budget. With 94% of consumers using social media to influence their buying decisions, you can't afford to not be building a brand on social media. 

I’ve learned more about social marketing in a couple of hours than I have over the last several months. If you are serious about building your online presence, then you need Gather Social!

Eric, Eric Williamson

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Organic Search

672.93% increase in organic search 

Instagram Engagement Increase

237% increase in Instagram engagement

Direct Acquisition

291.47% increase in direct acquisition

Instagram Impressions Increase

89% increase in Instagram impressions

Instagram Reach

95% increase in reach on Instagram

Post Performance

90% increase in Instagram post performance

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