Social Media Success for Hospitality

Content curation is key to succeeding on social media when marketing a hospitality venue. Your venue will have multiple uses and revenue streams. Audit your pre-existing images and content, and make sure you have enough content to represent your revenue streams with equal weighting to their importance. Using a scheduling tool such as the Gather Platform will allow you to plan months of posts into the future, and campaigns can be switched on in line with the seasonal importance. 

Developing a range of templates which can be quickly and easily edited to promote different events will keep the bespoke work down to a minimum. Once you have tested a range of templates, your audience will indicate their prefered style. This means editing content around your events schedule will be as cost-effective as possible. 

Make the most of user-generated content. Anyone who visits your venue and shares it through tagging you on social media is a great way to generate loads of content for free. If something is performing well on a personal account, transferring that content to your business account is an easy way to generate exposure from free content. 

Paid for advertising strategy is essential. Understanding your target demographics for each event is key, and making sure you have content to resonate with that demographic is super important. For example, you might have a live music event and a wedding fair in the same space. The target audience will be very different and the content style for targeting each audience would be polar opposites. 

Utilising the Facebook pixel will allow you to separate your audiences around each event. This data can then be used to target similar people to attend the next event. For example, people expressing an interest in a wedding fair in January would be the same group of individuals interested in attending a wedding fair in July. 

It's highly likely that you want to do more in your current social media space, but you can't monetise your current client base. Automating the content distribution is the best way to monetise, as a human being is the most expensive scheduling tool on the planet. 

"Clear communication, effective strategies and a pleasure to work with. It makes life a lot easier having them as a partner, taking care of our online presence and giving us more time to focus on our business."
Ajay, Ibiza High Life

Social Traffic

905% increase in traffic from social media

Social Conversion

173% increase in goal conversion from social

Overall Traffic

33% increase in overall traffic

Direct Conversion

99% increase in goal conversion from direct

New Users

37% increase in new users

Organic Conversion

42% increase in goal conversions from organic

To learn more about the best marketing practises for the hospitality sector, download our PDF created with Facebook.

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