Social Media Success for Legal Services

If you are investigating the advantages of social media marketing for the legal industry, then don't panic! The fact that you are even thinking about it means you are probably years in front of your competitor. Social media is completely underutilised by the legal industry. We think this is crazy because people demand legal services at very different stages of their life. 

Analysing user demographics of our client’s websites shows that legal service usage starts at 25 through to 65+. People need legal services at very different times in their life. Generally speaking, once they have selected a solicitor, for example, they tend to stay with that practise for all of the legal requirements. To have a successful social media strategy your content must reflect this demographic. You can’t have one size fits all content.

For example, someone needing a solicitor to assist in their first house acquisition will react very differently to content, than someone who is going through a divorce. Your content really doesn't need to be groundbreaking and must focus on being empathetic, caring and kind to the person in need. Testing large quantities of different styles will lead you to the ultimate content set from which to build brand reputation and awareness. 

Paid advertising is essential, and you want to have different content sets to match your services and age demographics. Setting tight geographical boundaries will allow you to maximise your budget whilst delivering the highest frequency of engagement within that location. This will allow you to build massive brand awareness locally, and be the first legal practise the person who is in need thinks about when that time arrives. 

The aim of the campaign should focus on an objective over a short to long term. Whilst generating online enquiries is important, making the phone ring more and more often is equally as important. Legal practices looking to utilise a social media strategy should do so with a wider growth strategy for the organisation. The main focus of a social media strategy should be growth across the entire practice over a prolonged period of time. 

"After a year we have successfully increased brand awareness across the audiences we were looking to target. Our website traffic and more importantly our enquiries and acquisition of new clients have significantly increased, and all in a very lean budget. Highly recommend Sam & his team at Gather Social, they are and will continue to be a key strategic partner for our marketing."
Tammy, Hopkins Solicitors


406% increase in traffic from Facebook

Organic Search

15% increase in organic search

Instagram Stories

2833% increase in traffic from Instagram stories

Direct Traffic

26% increase in direct traffic

Social Traffic

374% increase in social traffic

New Users

383.75% increase in new users

To learn more about marketing in legal services, download our PDF created with Facebook. 

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