Social Media Success for Professional Services

There is no better time than the present to be thinking about starting and delivering a social media marketing strategy for professional services. Everyone requires the use of a professional service specialist at some moment in their lives. This could be as varied as writing a will, through to mortgage and financial advice. Ask yourself how does the person choose who to use? 

There are very few professional service businesses utilising social media correctly to grow their business. Results won't be instantaneous, but having a plan and sticking to it will deliver results across 12 to 24 months. If you are geographically limited the news is even better, because the chance of a local competitor using social media correctly is almost zero. 

Your content doesn't have to be that revolutionary. It must clearly outline the services your organisation provides, and serve to position you as an expert. A regular blog is essential to doing just that. Don't try to be groundbreaking, find someone's opinion who matters and write an opinion piece on that blog. This way you're not a groundbreaking journalist, just an organisation with their finger on the pulse of the industry. 

Paid for social media adverts are essential. Your strategy should be based around your pixel data, and position services to users who are currently looking for that service online. Keeping the adverts on-brand will build local brand awareness, and maintaining the frequency in place will serve as the most effective local marketing campaign your organisation will have ever run. 

"Jules and Sam are extremely knowledgeable about social media and the best way to get it to work for you. It's definitely opened my eyes up and given me an understanding about how it can be managed without it consuming too much time. Personalised recommendations make it applicable and relevant and they're great at answering any questions I have! Thank you, guys."
Manisha, My Therapy Services

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Website Traffic

50% increase in website traffic

Facebook Link Clicks

40,300% increase in link clicks on Facebook

Social Acquisition

1972% increase in social acquisition 

Organic Search

37% increase in organic search

Direct Acquisition

41% increase in direct acquisition

Facebook New Fans

17,300% increase in new fans on Facebook

To learn more about marketing in professional services, download our PDF created with Facebook. 

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