Social Media Success for Recruitment

Gather social have been working in the social media recruitment space for the last 6 years. We have tested 1000's of variations of content and have a proven formula for success in the recruitment space, be that agency or in house. What we have learned from testing 1000's of variations is keeping it simple is essential. To this day nothing performs better at attracting candidates than a post which says #NewJob. 

Distribution is as critical as simplicity with your creative. It's a myth that if you post once, every possible candidate or client will see that post. Your content needs to be distributed multiple times a day across all social media channels. Working as a team will amplify your content across Linkedin, ensuring your vacancy or post gets maximum reach. The easiest way is to use a centralised content management system like the Gather Platform. Your marketing team can feed content straight into your consultants who can choose which content to automate onto their Linkedin account.  

Success in the recruitment space is about operating as a team. Taking steps to educate your consultants about social media and how it works is hugely important. Many voices saying how it should look, is just as damaging as having one single voice being responsible for the entire organisation. Involve the consultants in the creative process. Work to a point where the many voices have a range of content which reflects them as individuals, but also the organisation. 

Have 2 defined strategies which identify your clients and candidates separately, and communicate with them in an appropriate manner. Using paid advertising correctly you can segregate your sales message away from your candidate message, and start to map out your prospective data sets. This action will allow you to coordinate remarketing campaigns and ongoing campaigns to clients and candidates with very little overlap in messaging. Make no mistake, a detailed paid advertising strategy is essential for growing brand awareness in your locality over the next decade. 

"We have used Gather for many years now and I would highly recommend them. They are a happy, helpful team that are responsive, reliable and a pleasure to work with. Having undertaken a number of projects with them, they listen carefully to the brief and turn it into a coherent social media strategy. They have built U&I a tremendous online presence and I couldn’t be more pleased with their output over the years. The team understands exactly what we are trying to achieve and nothing is too much trouble. I have no problem in recommending Gather as it is always a pleasure to work with them!"
Charlotte, U&I Search

New Users

72% increase in new users

Page Views

130% increase in page views 

LinkedIn Followers

430% increase in LinkedIn followers


623% increase in performance

Twitter Followers

319.9% increase in Twitter followers

Direct Traffic

37% increase in direct traffic

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