Social Media Success for Restaurants

Running a restaurant is a mad business. The last thing you need is a chaotic social media job thrown in there for good measure. The secret is to curate your content, rather than create it as you go. We work with our clients to get them set up for months in advance so that they can focus on running the restaurant, and have a strategic plan for more content. Our fully mobile studio lets us come out to your establishment and capture the food, and the restaurant, in its true ambience and setting. 

The food market is massively competitive on social media. Don't let failed past performances bog you down because to make a noise in this space, you need an advertising budget, and we don't mean just boosting posts. If you are boosting posts you might as well go down to the cashpoint and set money on fire. 

You need to take hundreds if not thousands of pictures of your food and test everything on all channels, don't be too precious with this. This way, you will be able to quickly establish the top-performing content and allocate your advertising budget to this content. This strategy is 100% guaranteed to hugely improve your social media performance and ultimately drive more reservations. 

Working seasonal and capturing months worth of content all in one go is the quickest way to nuke the nightmare of a job that is running a restaurant's socials. If you own a restaurant, working around seasonal content production in bulk is 100% guaranteed to reduce your stress and increase your reservations. 

"I cannot thank Sam, Jules and the team enough for possibly saving my business during these crazy times. I went to a free workshop with very little knowledge of how to do digital marketing. They showed me lots of useful and practical ways of doing things myself and also put a plan together for me with little input from myself as I wasn't sure of what would work best. They have guided me all the way through and have brought massive exposure to my company which has transformed into noticeable greater sales in a time when things are so uncertain. I can not recommend a company any more than these guys. Not only all this but they are genuinely kind and caring people that will go the extra mile for people and if you go on the right day you may get some free curry."


Download our PDF to see what we can do for our Restaurant clients.

Organic Search

282.13% increase in organic search


896% increase in post reach

Direct Acquisition

335.62% increase in direct acquisition

Post Impressions

1,200% increase in post impressions

Social Acquisition

104.79% increase in social acquisition

User Engagement

584% increase in user engagement

To learn more about the best practices for food marketers, download our PDF created with Facebook.

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