Social Media Success for Technology

If you are working on a tech product and social media isn’t producing results the first question you need to ask yourself is…. Do we have enough content to make some noise? Examine the brand colours and make sure you are utilising your brand colours in as many different creative variations as possible. Revisit the last 10 ideas you had and instead of making ten bits of content make 500 and test the sh*t out of all of your ideas. 

This approach will breath new life into your social media campaigns. watching old ideas written off as bad come to life will breath new energy into your efforts. Once you have posted and reviewed all of the content you will be able to make creative educated decisions as to what to make next and in which style. At this stage, it's essential to move all top-performing content into a paid strategy. 

Competition is fierce in this space. If you are looking to make a quick buck, it's not easy! Identifying a marketing budget and setting clear outcomes is essential, as generating revenue from a cold standing start is almost impossible. A short, mid and long term strategy is essential from the get-go to establish clear deliverables across all stakeholders.

The number one problem every company in the tech space has is its own marketing. Everyone working there cares so much and is so passionate about the business that the end-users are often forgotten. Think about the age and gender profile of your target audience. Is a 35-year-old man going to engage with the same piece of content as a 25-year-old woman? Going one demographic further, Is a 40-year-old woman going to engage with the same bit of content as a 20-year-old man? We can guarantee your number one problem will be a lack of creative variation in your content. Making more content is 100% guaranteed to jump-start your social media.

I had a session with Sam and Jules and went in expecting some generic advice about how best to use social media as it's been one of my struggles with starting my business last year. Gather Social exceeded my expectations, I went away with a focus and strategic plan on how to move forward, understanding the numbers on Google Analytics, ways to improve my time and post effectively and efficiently as well as live Facebook ads campaigns.

Sam and Jules spent that time tailoring it to me and my business, for the first time in the last year I've felt excited about my social media plan.

Thank you so much guys!

Manisha, Nurturing Mama

Increase Enquiries

35.38% increase in email enquiries

Increase Enquiries

10% increase in contact form enquiries

Traffic Increase

2400% increase in traffic from Instagram stories

Traffic Increase

200% increase in traffic from Facebook


862K impressions on content locally


128K local people exposed to content

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