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Welcome to never scheduling content again.

Scheduling content is a shit job and the killer of all failed social media campaigns. We found it impossible to deliver real value to our clients with their budgets primarily being spent on scheduling content. Whether you’re a business or an agency The Gather Social Platform means you will never have to schedule a post again. Giving you back the time to actually be creative.

The Gather Platform has been developed to save you the maximum amount of time when distributing content. Unlimited accounts can be connected to distribute a coherent and on-brand marketing campaign across social media. Our tech support is operated via Whatsapp to provide you with the quickest possible service.

The scheduling tool offers brilliant simplicity but can be bespoke to meet the most demanding, or intricate of posting schedules. An unlimited amount of content can be stored, meaning season campaigns can be phased back in with ease.

What exactly is The Gather Social platform?

In short, it posts all of your content for you, across multiple accounts, as many times a day as you want. No scheduling involved. We have built our platform to be bespoke and personal to each and every client. It will change your life and allow you to concentrate on the stuff you enjoy.

No marketer wants to spend their day scheduling social media posts and no business owner wants to pay someone to do it


Posts per month

That's how much the Gather Platform currently distributes month across our agency clients and software users. We can provide you with a full technical setup, and assist in reporting with a fully integrated dashboard, feeding into your Buffer account.
Developed in Facebook's Developer Language
The platform is developed in Facebook's Developer language and is sympathetic in UX to some of the functionality in adverts manager. A full product road map is in place to make your social media marketing even more effective in the future.

Take complete control of your businesses content. One centralised content management and distribution system, which can be accessed by the wider team. Does this sound familiar, you create the post, write the killer text, ask your colleagues to share

We love working with everyone

We love working with everyone

Each member of our team brings their own creative flair to each of our clients. We work collectively on all projects to ensure we are providing our clients with the greatest creative range. As our team continues to grow, so will the creative portfolio the business is able to provide to its ever-growing client portfolio.
Still need help?

Still need help?

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