Your Marketing Department

Is your business wanting to be successful on Social Media but doesn’t have the budget to finance a whole marketing team complete with the expertise and specialism required? At Gather Social, we can be your acting marketing department. You're only a Whatsapp message away from exceptional marketing knowledge, experience and expertise.

We can offer you an entire team of marketers capable of creating high-quality video, image and audio content for your business. They will get to know your brand inside and out and produce content that will resonate with your audience.  

This is a perfect solution for anyone wanting best in class social media, with wider creative support. We can design a flexible package, bespoke to your business, derived from a monthly time commitment. Furthermore, our disruptive pricing policy is designed so you save 80% of the cost of building an expensive in-house marketing team. 

Gather Social as your marketing department will always be at the end of the phone. Our integrated WhatsApp communication brings your ideas to life in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Gather can provide quality content and lots of it. Much more than you'll get from an in-house team, and at a better price too.

You can have as much or as little involvement as you'd like when it comes to using Gather Social as your marketing department. Get involved with the fun stuff or sit back, relax and leave us to it. We really are there at the drop of a hat, ready to create, manage or build whatever you envisage for your business's marketing strategy. 

  • Do you need video content for your brand's social media accounts but your marketing manager doesn't know how to use video editing software?

  • Are you creating quality content for only one social media platform but neglecting the others due to lack of time?

  • Do you require ongoing website maintenance and support? 

  • Is your current marketing manager unsure of where to start with paid advertising and do you require further support?

  • Do you just need MORE content?

Gather Social can help!

Check out what services we can offer your business as your marketing department.

We love working with everyone

Each member of our team brings their own creative flair to each of our clients. We work collectively on all projects to ensure we are providing our clients with the greatest creative range. As our team continues to grow, so will the creative portfolio the business is able to provide to its ever-growing client portfolio.

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